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Based in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

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March 30, 2015

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Pie in the Sky is a 2D action game about delivering pizzas, in outer space. Set in the far-flung future as the 1980s imagined it to be, Pie in the Sky puts you in the pleather driver’s seat of a spacefaring delivery ship. Your mission? Brave the perils of the expanse and deliver custom-built pizzas to the creatures of the galaxy. This 2D ‘fly forever’ features precise tilt control and an array of upgrades to dodge space junk and fling space pizzas. Gameplay consists of two repeating phases with their own sets of challenges: dodging obstacles between neighborhoods, and actually delivering the pizzas themselves. Between levels, players can customize and share pizzas with unique assortment of topping choices.


Pie in the Sky started its life as an experiment into the 'right' feel for tilt control and involved nothing more than a little white pill shooting through an endless field of nothing. Over the next year and change, the team grew from just Ryan (who could only draw little white pills that fly) to include Nathan (who can draw lots of things as it turns out.) After some struggles, an office change, and a production baby, Pie in the Sky is finally ready to meet the world.


  • Hours of endless gameplay across the expanse of space with precise tilt controls and simple one-touch actions
  • Four levels of difficulty, 25+ upgrades, and 75+ toppings to unlock
  • An original synthwave soundtrack by Blac Eagl


Launch Trailer (2015) YouTube

Teaser Trailer (2015) YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (4MB)


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Original Soundtrack
Available now from from Blac Eagl facebook.com.

About Salty Croc Interactive

Salty Croc is a Canadian independent game studio. Salty Croc is Ryan Jones and Nathan Langdon. Salty Croc: purveyors of fine video games since 200X.

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Pie in the Sky Credits

Ryan Jones
Design & Development, Salty Croc

Nathan Langdon
Artist, Salty Croc

Nikkie Stinchcombe
Additional Art

Blac Eagle

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